About Me ♥

    Rose is a 18 year old singer, songwriter, actress, model, entertainer and up and coming entrepreneur from New Haven, CT. Rose is not new to the entertainment business, she has been doing it since the age of 7. Over the years she has built her craft like no other. Now a college student at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, she is a nursing student. This may seem like a lot on her plate but trust and believe the world will come to know and love her. Rose is the type of spirit that demands respect and has no problem taking it. Follow her on her journey through this blog.

   “My music and sound is a reflection of the different sides of me. Everyone has different sides to them, and I am not afraid to show mine. My inspiration comes from many places. What I have been through in my life and what I have seen other people go through. My music is truly all about life in general, so I hold nothing back because that is what I feel music should be about. Music has lost that.


Group One:
   " The first group I was in was when I was in the 5rd or 6th grade. We never got to come up with a group name. It consisted of 3 girls and one boy. The name we were thinking of was "G31B". I had a music teacher who saw a spark of talent in a few of his students, and I was one of them. He soon began to make lessons for the rest of the class to work on while he worked with us. We learned about a lot of things because he took the time out to help us develop our talent. Not long after he started working with us did he start to stay after school for hours. He eventually had to leave the state because of family issues. Everything started to fall apart soon after that with the parents. Some of the parents wanted to continue on with the group, and others didn't. Honestly I don't think anyone really took it to seriously. So that was the end of group 1."

Group Two:
   "Group 2 used the name "AV1" which was just our thought up name and was all girls. This group stands out in my head because the group that lasted the least amount of time. I didn't put this group together it was a friend of mine. One of the reasons we broke up was the fact that we were friends so no one had any boundaries  Basically to make this long story short the girls in this group wanted everything to go their way. Not to say that I didn't have any problems with them because I did. The group lasted only maybe a year and a half, if even that. Some of the girls had egos as well and wanted to be solo in the first place because they felt they were better than the group. But none of them have even made it to my level yet. So this group was a waste of time and talent."

Group Three:
   "Group 3 was called Appointed Beauty. The group consisted of 4 girls including myself. I put this group together with the same friend I started "AV1" with. This group was just all types of wrong. Some members never showed up to practice, others didn't come to interviews or appearances. They were local but they were necessary to build a name for ourselves. We went through some of the same things as  "AV1". We were starting to make a name for ourselves as unprofessional more than a group of singers. I decided not to sign the group agreement because I was so tired of a few of the ladies always making US look bad or just letting each other down. I am not happy at all to say that we got turned down on a few opportunities because of our reputation in and outside the group. And honestly I think all of these groups went wrong also because they were not planned as they should have been."

"I have since been a solo artist ..."