Tuesday, September 16, 2014

LHHH Premiere


        Alright so what do you all think about LHHH last night? Well for one I will say that I am so bored with Ray J. I feel like he isn't really that entertaining without a sex tape being involved. Second he isn't that talented to me. Honestly I think he is in denial about the reality of his career. He is just a hot ass mess and a waste of the show. No but seriously I can't believe Ray moved in another girl while Teairra Marí was out the house but still living there. One thing I will say is that I hate when people say they're grown women and men and act as an adolescent. He is a grown man but didn't have the balls to just tell Teairra he don't want to be with her. I mean 9 years off and on, and you can't be honest? I want to shine light onto something Morgan said to Ray. When he was late for a meeting with her, she said "You think everything is about you all the time". Mark my words, that's going to come back into play. You can mark my words that I think Ray and Morgan either slept together before, or will eventually. To touch on Teairra Marí, I know she was so hype and seemed extremely hurt (no she was) but I think she is passionately crazy. That's just another thought of mine. I will leave off with two points. When Soulja Boy was at that club no one cared that he was there really. Do you think his career is just over? And I love Omari's explanation for the B2K breakup, it was dry. A lot of things have been stated but what do you really think happened?

Live, Love, Laugh!♥

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