Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Update

     Whats going on! It has been so long since my last post. I am going to be frank with this post. Since the last post I have been doing a lot of crap. School takes up for a lot of my time but besides that I have to have a life right? So yeah, I was in the process of writing for my EP and I felt overwhelmed with everything that was put on me. So I said to myself its time for a serious break. The break I planned on taking wasn't what happened. A few surprise things came up at college and I had a few people on my team complaining. I understood why they were complaining but at the same time have some empathy! To make this long story short, I lost a few from my team and I just got depressed for a while. Not just from them deciding they didn't wanna wait for me to recover from everything, but because I had so much going on and it was weighing me down. I would often think about my brother and literally start to cry, didn't matter where I was. I am still taking it easy but I am also trying to move forward.

     As for the progress of my music, it is going good. I have been dealing with so much and in that, I have gotten so much inspiration. I am growing and improving as a writer and an entertainer. I have done a few local  performances in karaoke bars and things like that. Just so I don't lose that feeling that I love so much, which is the feeling I get when I perform. So I am back to my blogs and everything so be on the look out.

Live, Love,Laugh!♥