Saturday, September 15, 2012


So i know i havent published a post in a long time. And believe me i am sorry for that. I have been busy as hell with various things. First off school. So i finished my year as a senior in high school and i a am attending college at UMFK for nursing. That added to my load of school work with recomendation letters and applications. On top of that I have been working alot. So yea, theres alot going on for me these days. I have good news though.... Can you guess what it is? Well i'm getting back to blogging :-). Not that this is the most exciting news. This is my deal, I have been busy working on two very important projects. One being my business I am launching. It is still in the works so I can't tell you to much about it. What I can tell you is it is an entertainment business and I'm working on the official website now! Second I am writing a book! This is still in the works also. I promise to keep you guys posted. Now as for my blog I will have special posts periodically, as  well as updates. I will try to stay updated but this college work has been kicking my ass.

For Monday's the theme is Playlist Monday's. This post will be about the music I've been listening to for the past week. This is new or old music. For Tuesday's the theme is Poem Tuesday's. This post will be different poems from different people. It can be famous people or everyday people. Thursday's are Youth Topic Thursday's. In this post i cover different topics that our youth face today. This has to be my favorite theme. Friday's are Fashion Friday's. This is basically the best and worst look every week. They can be old or recent looks. So to be featured in youth topics, or if you have  questions or anything else just contact me at I will get to you soon .... 

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