Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When Is Enough?

    Tamar Braxton

The Braxton Family
(Left to Right) Toni, Tamar, Evelyn (Mom), Traci, Towanda, and Trina

     So I am sure that alot of you all have been watching "The Braxton Family Values". So if you haven't been watching, I'm sure that the people who have been watching will agree with me when I say that Tamar is OVER THE TOP! So a quick background on Tamar. She is the youngest of the family and is the only one without kids. Her husband is very successful (Toni's manager as well). And the biggest thing about her is that she is tired of singing background for her Oldest sister Toni. This is something she makes clear. The biggest issue for her is her husband. He has a certain image for her and she doesn't really agree. She is like 34 or 35 so she has the right to be sexy if her body is still that nice . But she also in my opinion needs to show a more mature sexy side. She thinks she is like 21. No boo you are a grown and maturing woman and your stlye and image should reflect it. Now as far as her sound and music in general, who is to tell her how to be creative? But aside from this, she needs to get it together. Especially if she wants to be taken seriously as a singer and not just Toni Braxton's little sister.

Live, Love & Laugh!♥

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