Friday, May 6, 2011

Love & Hip Hop or Truth & Common Sense?

    Okay so i'm sure you all have been watching Love and Hip Hop! I gotta tell you that I think this show is all to real. So let me start off with Emily. Now for those of you who are not sure who she is, she has connections with Fab. I say connections because he really doesn't claim her like he should. Which leads me to what I was going to say about their relationship. She has his son right? And thats who he is sleeping with right (from what we know)? So why is it that the reason most of us know her, is because she is his stylist? Yeah I know. Chrissy needs to get it in her head. Jim 's mother will be the fall of your relationship! Point blank. He aint ready like you are. He seems childish. And that time in the show when Chrissy said she will leave him if she is waiting for to long to be married. When he said "Yeah and take the dog with you" that would have been enough for me. I'm just saying. Olivia I like you but you should stop starting trouble. And Somaya, how can you say you are making Olivia relevant? We at least know who she is! Who the hell are you? Smh.

Live, Love & Laugh!♥

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