Thursday, January 13, 2011

***SPOTLIGHT***Tanya aka. T6

No she is not new to the game.
But I have just stumbled upon her
about 4 months ago, she has talent and
a sound of her own. So out of alot of the songs
I have heard of hers, this is my favorite!
Check it out!
Her Youtube link is below:
She has good advice as well!!!!
Live, Love & Laugh!♥

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Hot New Favorite

These bows and bands are stylish and totally in.
You can never look to childish cause its pure fashion
So don't miss out, Enjoy!
For my girly girlz!
Live, Love & Laugh!♥

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update / Bullying

Ok. The last time that I posted on my blog was on December 14th 2010 at 5:50. My brother passed away that night at around 5:56. Of course I did not know he was even dead at that time, but I don't want to go to much into it to make me sad. But I will say that he did not die tragically. He was 29. And that he was a talented man. Here is the link  to one of the plays he was in called "Family Affair":

 Now to get on a better note, but not that much better. I want to just bring attention to another issue that people overlook. Bullying is not something that gets as much TV time as other smaller issues. Recently alot of TV networks have had celebrities speaking about bullying. But I must say that people don't seem to understand the power of bullying. They think its just as simple as they put it on TV. Well its not. I was bullied my freshman year of high school. That was before and after I had found myself. So I just wanted to quickly say that if you know someone or even if you are a bully, STOP IT! It is not a good thing. It is such a serious thing.

Live, Love & Laugh!♥