Wednesday, November 24, 2010

*SPOTLIGHT* Tiffany Evans - I'll Be There

    So I have just heard Tiffany Evans new song titled "I'll be there". Love it! Her sound is so unique right now. There is no one else out right now that has gone down this road. It doesn't sound like anything else out there right now with this sound. Everyone seems to be following this trend of the pop techno sound. And thats fine because I love all types of music. But everyone is following, not creating anything new really! Now this pop techno sound really works for some people like Lady Gaga. Everyone can't be Gaga. And there is just nothing fresh out there. So hearing this is such a breath of fresh air. I think you guys need to hear it. Listen to it if you have not heard it yet. I feel like I am the only one sometimes who gets that music is truly missing something key!

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