Monday, November 22, 2010

***SPOTLIGHT*** Laura Izibor

      So if you don't know who Laura Izibor is you are missing out. But I am here to help you find out who she is. This young lady (22) sings the huge hit "From My Heart To Yours". Now on the other hand if you have never heard this song, I can't help you much. It will just show that you are missing a big chunk of pop culture and soul. I love her sound, her voice, and her style. She's not trying to be like anyone else. "From My Heart To Yours" was a good song but this is my favorite of her songs so far in her career. This song is called "If Tonight Was My Last". To learn more about Laura Izibor go to her website. There you can learn more about her and where she came from. Guys don't sleep on these new artists! !

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