Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lil' Kim And Nicki Minaj Feud Escalates

     Okay so this Nicki vs. Kim beef is so damn annoying. I am at the point where they both need to do something with themselves. I want to speak directly to Nicki right now. Nicki, you are new to this shit! You can't come out saying certain things just be your mad. If you were as smart as you think you are, you would have just sat there and let that bi**h talk. Because she looks real stupid beefing with you after you (supposedly) said that you were influenced by her. Like I have been saying all this time. IN THE NEXT 2 YEARS YOUR RIDE WILL BE OVER! THIS IS NOT COMING FROM A HATER. THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS NOTICED THIS SAME PATTERN WITH OTHER ARTISTS (other people feel this way as well). IT'S NOT THAT YOUR TALENTED, ITS JUST THAT YOU HAVE A SWAG, A STYLE OF YOUR OWN. AND NO LIE YOUR SONGS ARE CATCHY. AND I LIKE SOME OF THEM TOO. I DON'T THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO STAY IN THIS BUSINESS.

Now Kim I am the most upset with you! You are suppose to set an example for other female rappers (as well as Nicki). You are talking all this shit about Nicki, how? You haven't had an album out in mad long and you want to say shit?! If in fact Nicki did say that you influenced her then shame on your dumb ass. That is a compliment. Because you came before her, you basically inspired her to be her own person. Just because you are insecure about yourself as an artist doesn't mean Nicki is! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE KNOWN FOR HOW YOU HELPED HIP HOP OUT. BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR PLACE. NICKI IS HOT RIGHT NOW AND YOUR NOT. EVERY ARTIST HAS THIS TIME WHEN THEY ARE NOT DOING MUCH. BUT YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF LOOK DUMB, ITS NOT LIKE YOU DON'T LOOK DUMB AS HELL NOW ANYWAY. SIT YOUR ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE AND LET THESES OTHER CHICKS OUT HERE GET THEY SHINE. YOU ARE ONE OF THE QUEENS OF HIP HOP BUT BI**HES AINT GOING TO BE ON HAND AND KNEE THANKING YOU!

Now people if you feel different then leave a comment. We as females in a mainly male dominated entertainment business need to stick together. But I see there are grown women who still can't do it! Comment!

Live, Love & Laugh!♥

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