Monday, November 22, 2010


Age is 17.
Bad Bi**h?… I am
Chicken is my favorite food
Deep person
Excited about living life
For the most part, I am easy to get along with
Going green is what I am doing, well trying to do lol
Hopeful thinker
I get crazy :-)
Just me, that’s all I can be
Keep a child alive
Leopard print is sooo sexy!
My music, family and friends are my life
Outgoing person
Please know, I don’t take disrespect well
Quiet when I first meet people.
Red is my top favorite color
Sweet and selfless
Tell me the truth, not what I want to hear!
Us as a people need to work together
Very energetic
Weave I love!!! Hair in general is so much fun.
X? really, IDK lol
Yes I can
Zebra print is sooo cute!

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