Monday, November 29, 2010

2013 EP

    So basically I am taking another road towards my career. All the crap I have went through is so crazy. Words can't even explain it. So I have decided to start over. I have been writing songs but I want to develop more songs that express me and what I'm all about. I always feel like an artist should come out as the person they want to be known as. When you come out, make a huge buzz. I will be putting together my own support team. Not who other people think should be apart of my team. And this team is going to be very small. Not rolling with a whole lot of people anymore. By the summer of 2015 (the latest, early 2016.) I hope to have my new team and my songs ready for my EP. From there on I will be on my grind 24/7. So this is what will be going on as far as my goals. Plus honestly I am doing this to help me find myself and develop as an artist.

Live, Love & Laugh!♥

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