Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 THINGS I LOVE ... Tag!

1. Faith
I don’t talk much about a god because I have personal beliefs on faith and in god!
2. My Friends
They are the ones that I love. I trust them more than anybody. More than my family.
3. Money
Money is a need! I hate living without it.
4. Looks
I love looking good!
5. Community Service
I love to help in anyways that I can for anything.
6. School
I love learning, lol I know I’m a geek!
7. Writing
Writing is one of my biggest passions, I love it so much
8. Blogging
Blogging is my life!
9. Reading
I love reading. It keeps me entertained as well!!!
10. Me!
I agree with Raeven Save the best for last!

I got this tag from Raeven Marie @toodangpretty !
I tag ... anyone! lol

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