Monday, October 11, 2010

The Old Miley Is Gone!


 I just had to post on this crap. MILEY IS NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE! But at the same time there are so many things wrong with her situation right now. First off lets start from the beginning of her career. Her dad is a star but she wasn't. So her career started on what TV station "The Disney Channel". If you don't get my flow yet then I will help you out. When you are someone from "Disney" you are set up for success to appeal to young kids. And this is no matter how old you are. So when you get to that point in your career and your life where you need and have to step out of that place, it just makes it like ten times harder. Because as an singer, rapper, actress, or dancer you have a right to get as creative and personal as you feel. Now with that, sometimes the public doesn't except it. Miley is 17 going on 18, she should be able to show her potential to a world outside of her show. She is not just talented on the show, there is more to her than that! This is something that I stress with the people around me as well. Because I am more mature than alot of the girls my age I have seen and most likely experience more than them. And I write about it, and if it comes out in a way that they feel isn't suitable for me I just let them know that its my decision on my view! That's not to say that she isn't wrong! For her actions over the past 3 years, yeah she can take some things too far. But this video she just released for "Who Owns My Heart?" was not meant for DISNEY! It is her expressing herself now in her life. And yeah its racy but so what! Now she should have better planned out how she would go about getting out of her old image, but its normal! What do you guys think???

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