Monday, October 11, 2010

MTV Awards Fav Performances And Review

      So this is late but I have to tell you that the MTV awards were alot better than I would have thought they would be. First off the host being Chelsea handler had me wondering how far the show would be going. I say that because on her own show she has a issue with what comes out of her mouth at times. But I loved the show!!! One of my favorite moments was when she got in the hot tub with the cast of Jersey Shore and came out pregnant .... IT WAS FUNNY!

     Now as far as performances goes I enjoyed all of them really. But there were some performances that were just better than others. I actually loved the Eminem and Rihanna part. I loved everything about it. Her clothing had me guessing but was still awesome. Then I loved the Usher performance!!!!! He was so energetic and up beat. He sounded great along with the back up music. And his clothing went just right with the song. I liked B.O.B. also, because of his stage presence. I always say that really anyone can get on a stage and move around. But it takes an entertainer to know the stage. And OMG! The last performance that I loved was of course (DRUM ROLL) Justin Bieber. The comments I had for Usher are the same for him. And the other people were good but they didn't stick out to me that much.

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