Sunday, October 10, 2010

Journal Entry #4


  Ok so today took an unexpected turn! I started off my day at 5:50 this morning when I had to get up early to help my mom get ready for work. Then we were out the house by 6:20 to bring her to work. From there I needed to go back to sleep because the night before I was up to like, 3:00 this morning. When I woke up the clock said 9:24. I got up to eat and from there on there was nothing but phone calls being made and answered and emails being written and read! Spent like forever doing this until about 2:56 or so, because it was time to go and get my mother. From my moms job we got a call from my aunt who helps me make decisions in my career as well, to come for a QUICK meeting. That meeting was like an hour and a half. What was so quick about that meeting. The meeting was about what move I will make next after all of the drama I have been going through. I will do a separate post on the drama soon. So after we get home at around what?, 5:00, my aunt calls and says that we have a meeting with a close friend of hers. She basically said get dressed and ready to be on an interview. I wont give to much out on the meeting but it didnt really go good or bad, I wont really know yet until things start to change for the better. So I just got home like 12 minutes ago! UGH! I just posted on Twitter that I am so tired! Got some work to do still though but I hope to be in bed by at least, 1:00 IF THAT!

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