Saturday, October 9, 2010

Journal Entry #3

I have not posted in a looong while! Well to start off school just started. And anyone who really knows me will know that I am very very active in my school. Plus I am in Honors classes. So I am like always busy Monday through Friday. Recently at school, actually on Thursday we had an Open House. And that was just sooo crazy! Now on top of school I volunteer at alot of different places. One of those places is at The Yale New Haven Hospital as well. As the school year is going on I am thinking to myself how will I be able to work on my blog and music and just everything! So to keep everything organized i will do all of my music career work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will also be starting my blog shows, including youtubing, blogging and other things. Now I will try to tweet on a day to day basis. And if I am not able to do that then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be a definate! Blogging will be on a what ever basis. Meaning when ever I post, there is no exact day or time. And one last thing, I will be posting on some old events that have happened just so you can get an understanding of how I feel about each topic. Just doing my best to catch up.

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