Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Hair Trends

Scarlett Johansson
     I love this look on her. It's a darkish blonde shabby style. It says to the world I am a sexy woman but I have a rough type style as well. What would make this look even more hot would to changed the position of her part. Or try and flip some hair to the side.

Ashlee Simpson
        I hate this style on her! Now she has been a blonde before but this is not her type of style. She looks like she is a 55 year old woman tryng to get a date. Or to put it this way, she looks like a hooker. Now this is what the cut is doing to her. This is not her style or look.

Keira Knightley
      This look is so sexy. It is showing her face curves very well. And having her face shape makes it just so much better. Because her cheeks are not really like anyone elses. This is hot as ever!

Katherine Heigl
 This look is .. dull. It doesn't really say much about her. Its just plain and what the world expects from her.

Michelle Williams
     This look makes her look alot older than she is. This look is old and plain and says I am ready to be old.

Kate Moss
       The same comment for her, as it was for Ashlee Simpson. It looks like she wants to be picked up.

Alexis Bledel
         Cute but very predictable. We expect her to have this look. This is cute though, just plain though.

Nicole Richie
        She looks much better! Her old shaggy locks were just the same look as Kate Moss. This is sexy!

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