Thursday, October 14, 2010

BET Hip Hop Awards Review

    So to keep this as short as possible I will just make a few comments on the show. To start off I am a Nicki Minaj fan to a certain extent. And others might say that there's no in between. But I feel like Nicki does not have what it takes to stay in this game long enough. Plus I have heard that she doesn't plan on doing the rapping for more than 5 years. But lets face it she deserved the "Rookie Of The Year" award! Now Soulja Boy was not that good at all! He was okay, not quite what I was expecting it to be but okay. The Rick Ross performance was just HOTTT!!! He had everyone hype. So I feel like he is worth all that he says he is to the rap game. J. Cole was good to along with Big Boi. The dude Yelawolf from Gadsdan, AL was just someone who caught my attention. He had that Eminem thing about him, but he still was so different in so many ways. Now this was one of my favorites, Diggy, JoJo and their dad Rev. Run. They were hot. They all showed us something when they were rapping. Diggy and JoJo showed don't compare us to each other or to our father because we really do have the skills! And Rev. Run taught us that he helped Hip Hop and he is still relevant! All I have to say about Salt N' Peppa is that they got what they should have gotten a long time ago. If you don't know enough about them and you say you work or are an entertainer, you need to step ya game up, MAJORLY!!

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