Saturday, October 9, 2010

106 & Park Ten Years And ... Blogging!!!

My first thought on seeing everyone at the reunion was "WOW everyone looks good" all of them! Now I will start off with AJ and Free. I was about 7 or 8 when the show first started. And one of my favorite divas at that time was Free. I just loved her personality and her style. Her hair down to her hot shoe game. AJ on the other hand was a host who I felt I knew personally. One moment I remember from when Free and AJ moment was when AJ got emotional and Free was not there but she was on the phone. They were not acting they really were sad about leaving. Another moment I remember, or should I say moments I remember was Bow Wow and B2K! I was one of those screaming girls to. I loved them so much and just was heart broken when B2K broke up!

Then there was Big Tigger and Julissa. I loved how they took on the job and just ran with it and let the experience explode. My favorite moment from them was when big Tigger started to say "Back up back up!" I mean it was how he tried his best to control the crowd! Because there were so many times when fans have attacked the guests like for example, J Boog from B2K. He got scratched his first time on the show!

With Terance and Rocsi the moment that stuck out to me was, when MJ passed away. The way they just changed the whole show on behalf of that man was amazing. I was HEARTBROKEN! It was just so crazy to me.

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