Monday, August 2, 2010

That Was No Time At All!!!

     Ok this is gonna be the most honest and short post ever. What did Lindsey do? I don't know really but I will tell you this for sure, if she wasn't famous she would have got way more time! They let these celebs do whatever they want and its crazy! T.I. got sentenced to a year and a day! I'm not sure what Lil' Kim did but she got sentenced a little harsh too! What are these judges thinking, they wanna act so smart but have no common sense. Almost everyone knows that Lindsey needed to be in there way longer than she was. She needs help. Celebs should not get any special treatment because at the end of the day they are humans just like us. The only difference is money. And money does not make you happy as you can see in her case. All she did was drink up her money! She needed to know how it felt to have her good life taken away from her so she would get her self together. That was so unfair and I am dying to see who the hell the judge is who set her free...Dummmy!!!!

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