Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lyfe Jennings Wants His $100,000 Engagement Ring Back From His Ex

     Lyfe Jennings got got by his ex to the tune of $100,000! When his relationship didn’t work out with his fiance he asked her to fork over the Tiffany ring he got her, but she’s not returning it. The singer spoke about the pricey sparkler on the Angela Yee show: ”I’m still trying to get my damn ring back…as much as that sh-t cost man they should have like a string on that ring in case sh-t goes wrong.”
Poor thing mentioned it took him four installments to finish paying off the ring last December. After the breakup he made a second proposal: “Let’s get it, let’s sell it and split it,” but homegirl wasn’t feeling him and said she was keeping it because she earned it.

     Lyfe said the relationship ended because “People grow out of people.” “I always say it ain’t never people that hurt people, it’s people’s expectations that hurt them and that don’t mean you got to expect less, that means you just gotta expect people to be people,” he added. If that’s the case, he should expect her to be a person who might want to pawn that ring and keep it moving! Do you think she should give the ring back?
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