Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fantasia We Love You

     So I know you guys all had your own opinion on the Fantasia situation, but she was on GMA this morning and told Robin Roberts all of her truth. I respect people when they tell the truth about things that go on in their lives. I say this because often times the fans of famous figures forget one fact, and that is they are HUMAN just like us! They have financial, LOVE and family problems sometimes, and that's normal (about one of the only things that are normal for them). I really appreciated her honesty about "ending it all". She may have saved some people from doing harm to themselves! And plus her family and fans didn't really know what was going on with her deep inside , and so now we all can keep an eye on her. She is back and all of the supporters of Fantasia should show her some love on this album! It is hot!!!!! It's exactly what she wanted it to be "back to her". It is real soul without that drag of the sound. It speaks some fire on real topics that at one point we all have went through and seen someone go through. And what I am about to say doesn't just go for Fantasia's music, LET'S SUPPORT ALL OF OUR FAVORITE ARTISTS!
But to add my last part on to this post, good luck to her and all her goals.

Go get "Back To Me" album from Fantasia.

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