Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Really? Is it that Bad?

    Something that just really popped up in my mind was how they put a ban on Ciara's video for "Ride" right? Ok if thats how some people feel then fine. But I have a true problem with favortism. I mean that in a sense of "WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS". What do I mean? Well Erykah Badu and Ciara are catching heat because of their videos. Christina Aguilera's video for dirrty also got heat!  Now what about the other ranchy videos on the air?  Check out every Madonna, Lady GaGa, or even Jay-z' "Big Pimpin" video, there is sex everywhere! Other sex videos are Chingy "Right Thurr", Q-Tip "Vivrant Thing", Mystikal "Shake It Fast", even Robin Thicke's video for "Sex Therapy". So why is it now such a bad thing all of a sudden. As a person who studies dance, I know that music has to be a feeling and flow not just an action. So all Ciara was doing  was moving the way the song flows. The song was basically speaking on how a dude likes the way she rides the beat. Meaning the way she dances to the music and how he finds it appealing. So what is wrong with that. There are songs that say worse things like on Pretty Ricky's track "Love Like Honey" its says " I wanna sex you, till' you fall fast asleep". R. Kelly talks about sex all the time in his songs. And even had the nerve to name his song with Keri Hilson "Number 1 Sex"! So in the case that they won't play Ciara's video for her song "Ride" thats bull. Then we shouldn't be able to play all those other songs that I mentioned earlier because they all have sexual content whether or not its a song or a video.

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