Friday, July 30, 2010


      So yesterday if you were not watching "THE VIEW"...why? You should feel ashamed of yourself. Well okay i'll just feel you in on what you missed. Yesterday our President of the United States was on "The View" to talk about a variety of topics. Now this isn't even to mention that President Barak Obama is the first president in office to appear on a talk show! Wow, thats history on top of history.

    First off I will tell you this, I didn't know that Obama has been in office for only 18 months. In those 18 months he has done alot more for us as a country then we had come to realize ok. In 18 months Obama has helped the Auto industry from going under as well as saving 55,000 jobs in the indusry, he has passed 200 laws so far, as well as been trying his best to end this war that Bush got us into first of all. Now one thing that Joy said in the show (don't quote me on anything) was something about how Obama is always seeming to care about the people. How he is judged on how fast or slow he responds to an issue, even if he solves them. She said where is your support team. And he laughed and said "thats your job". But ultimately he said the higher power and his family, as well as the faith that he is doing all that he can possibly do.

Now to skip to something that bothers me is how Elizabeth Hasselbeck tried to go hard on him. She basically said how can you say that the world is getting better when most of the Americans aren't feeling it getting better. I understand that people really do feel that way but the way she said it was like REALLY??? Hold ya tongue child you speakin to the President, lower your tone. And as far as her thinkin that all of a sudden the country will be fixed just because a new President walked into the white house. Bush f**ked up this country first and now its up to Obama to try his hardest to fix it. And probably even the President after him!

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