Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The New Kim

    Ya'll when I talk on this topic I will try to be nice but its hard! What the hell happened to our kimmy? She looks scary as hell and I am so disappointed in her. Rumors are that people around her (her camp) they saying she look fine. Really??? Hell no she don't look good more like a damn monster. I love kim but she need to go back to her doctor and tell them to try and fix her face. And I do really believe that there is some fixing to do. But the question is, DOES KIM THINK SHE NEED IT? Well so far she doesn't but I like kim (not really that much of a fan, I don't like how she represents herself most off the time, and some female rappers in general) and I want to see her keep doing her thing. But her face and crazy actions are bringing her and her career down!
  Before   Before
And this ugly last one:

Right Now!

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