Saturday, July 17, 2010

Erykah Badu - Listen and learn

    You know how when you see certain people that aren't like you or not what your use to. Well I have an anouncement to make; DON'T JUDGE THEM BY HOW THEY LOOK. Now I know you all have heard the old saying "Dont judge a book by its cover" well its true. I was just watching Erykah Badu on the Mo'Nique Show and I just hope everyone watching gets her like I have always got her. Meaning when I was younger and even recently, my friends never got why I loved her. When I was younger I always studied her style and her sound, not to be like her but to understand her. But the way I was raised I don't judge people by what they wear. So growing up my friends would say "why are you listening to that weird looking lady"? I have always loved Erykah Badu and her style. Now as well as her music I am learning about her thoughts as well. She is a very deep thinker and thats one thing I've gotten from her. See you don't have to be close to someone to learn from them see? As I was watching the Mo'Nique Show and I am listening to every word Erykah is saying her music always made sense to me, but it is now connecting with who she really is. One highlight of the show is when she was talking about the names of her children. One child's name was Seven (Andre from Outkast's child), another's name was Puma, and the last's name is Mars. I admire how her childrens names truly meant something. Not like these crazy a** names like Quashanizika or Jaboner, you know? She also said she had a few mothers that helps her in life (I think 5), Grandma Viola , Grandma Thelma, Godmother (Music directer of theater since she was 4), Mother (Queen her real mother) and mother nature (Yeah 5). Wow ... She explained how each of those women taught her something special.

     Now as far as her video for Window Seat it meant freedom to her and alot of others things as well so even if we don't get why she did it (I do) it meant something to her. I liked the video and the song so it didn't bother me at all. I love her so much. And if you see an interview or if your on search her interview, watch it and learn! DON'T JUDGE HER BY WHAT SHE WEARS!

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