Saturday, June 5, 2010


This post isn't as sweet and nice as usual. I have been gaining new fans and friends and everything right. And sometimes when things are going so good with fans you tend to forget that there are some crazy people out there. And just stupid people in general. I say all of this to tell you about my messages and questions on One of the messages I got was from ...I think a boy. And he is saying how he missed and liked my old videos on which had been deleted for some reason (i have a video on that by the way). So he goes on to say, and I quote him on this "I love the way you speak your mind on your videos, and by the way whats your bra size"! HUH? What the hell is wrong with people these days. He tried to slip that question in there because after he ask that crazy ass question he says, "How did you get started making videos?" You already know I blocked this person on twitter and other sites. The most recent message I got on the email for my fans. And this girl was like "oh my gosh I just saw your videos for the first time and they're great!" So I wrote her back and said thanks hun. For people who don't know, when I say hun it means honey. So she writes back and starts to totally flip out! She's like "OMG I didn't know I was you hun, by the way what is that cause I like it." REALLY? What the heck is wrong with you it shouldn't have made you feel any different then someone else because I call everyone hun! And how would you know if you liked being called hun if you don't know what it means! I stopped writing her crazy a** and she kept it up for a few weeks but just gave up. And this last question I got from someone on Someone asked me what would I be thinking of later. WHAT? Like I just don't understand people sometimes. Now I see why stars need body guards and lawyers and things like that because people are wacky as ever. I had to write this today because you should know that IF YOU OR ANYONE FOR THIS MATTER WRITES ME A STUPID QUESTION OR SOMETHING NOT APPROPIATE I WILL FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE, AND WHEN I DO YOU WILL GET BLOCKED FROM EVERYTHING I HAVE! AND IF I NEVER FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE THEN YOU WON'T EVER GET AN ANSWER TO YOU QUESTION OKAY!!! JUST ASK A QUESTION THAT MAKES SENSE OR DON'T QUESTION AT ALL. lol no but really come on guyz its crazy to just do things like that.
Peace & Love

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