Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kelly Rowland Squashes Rumors???

Kelly Rowland Squashes Beyoncé Beef Rumors:

   Kelly Rowland wants to squash rumors that she’s feuding with pal and former band mate, Beyoncé, reports. Recent rumors of conflict began swirling when Beyoncé's new song, “Why Don’t You Love Me” came out just a few days after Rowland’s new song, “Commander.” But Kelly insists everything is fine. “I really don’t care, I love her ‘til our dying days and that’s all that counts,” she told Hip Hop Hollywood.

  Now I got this little snippet from, and I feel so bad for the other 2 women of Destiny's Child sometimes. I feel bad sometimes because they are so proud of Beyonce' and the press makes it look like they aren't! I think people who try to put these women on each other have no lives and are jealous that those women can be in this business and still love each other dearly. Of course  Kelly and Michelle have not met the success that Beyonce' has but I honestly think that as long as you are doing what you love so what if everyone doesn't listen to your damn music, thats just how it goes sometimes! So my point is that people need to back out of their friendship and thats that. Stop hating on what they have, because all 3 of them together still are the best female group of all time. They past out TLC and Diana Ross and the Supremes. So they have accomplished more than alot of people have... TOGETHER!!!

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