Friday, May 28, 2010

Where I have been

Been doing my thing lately trying to get back on track. I know you guyz are like get back on track from what? Well my life has been crazy these last .... 3 or 4 months! And to start off I will tell you that I no longer have a manager at this time, this is because of his lack of care and understanding. Now this ties in with my family problems. My brother and I were having issues so i needed a few days off to go and see him. Then not long after that my cousin was shot in the lower back leaving him with very little feeling and unable to walk. Both of these things tied in with school was just a little to much for me. So I asked for some time off. I mean just a few days. And keep in mind that I had been working nonstop for a little over a year before I asked for off time the first time. He did'nt care about what was going on with me or my family, he was being selfish. So I just told him that I wouldn't be signing the renewal contract with him! So now I am getting myself back together without him. I need someone who will at least try to get me or see where I am coming from. And understand that sometimes I need time and space.

Peace & Love
- Di'Anne

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